What Grains Can I Mill

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We’re you local supplier of quality Retsel, Wondermill Junior Deluxe and GrainMaster home milling units in Victoria and stand by their effectiveness and efficiency. Using any one of these fine products, you’re able to create healthier and better tasting bread for you and your family. But what type of grains are you able to mill to create delicious and nutritious homemade bread, bran and soy milk and more? Read on to find out.

What Type Of Grains Are You Able To Mill

  • Barley - Barley flour deliciously thickens your soups and sauces
  • Beans - No cholesterol! Bean flours make excellent dips and topping
  • Bran - Bran is used to making breakfast cereals, cakes and good for meatloaf mixtures
  • Corn - Make fast and delicious corn meal for bread and muffins
  • Millet - Millet is a good substitute for rice. It is good in casseroles or as a cereal
  • Oats - Oats are great for making biscuits, muesli, bread and porridge
  • Rice - Rice flour is perfect for people with gluten intolerances
  • Rye - The wholegrain flour mill helps you make your own rye bread
  • Soybeans - Soy milk is a great alternative for those who are allergic to dairy products
  • Split peas - Legume and vegetable flours enhance all of your foods and homemade soups
  • Wheat - Use freshly milled flour in all of your baking
Order your Retsel, Wondermill Junior Deluxe or GrainMaster home mill today and enjoy all the benefits that come with eating homemade bread.

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