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The confirmation of our success when it came to using freshly ground homemade flour in our bread began after booking a spot at a Victorian agricultural fair. After demonstrating the efficiency of our products and the health advantages to all those in attendance, Retsel domestic milling equipment gained credibility in kitchens across the state. We can now watch our young children eat our organic bread and know that we’ve made an excellent investment in the health of our family. You to can reap the benefits of highly nutritious and vitamin rich bread by using our products. Contact us for additional information or read on to find out more.

The Importance Of Freshly Ground Flour

A grain of wheat is alive. If you plant it under the right conditions, it will grow and provide you with many more grains of wheat. Once you grind them, however, the energy begins to fade. One of the ways to transfer the fundamental energy from these natural foods to our bodies is to eat them within a short time of them being ground. By owning your own home mill you can join the homemade flour revolution and capture the individual goodness from every grain you process.

Seeds, Grains And Nuts Through History

Primitive man lived on seeds and nuts that were raw and unrefined. When the art of cultivation was acquired, grains became the staple food all over the world. In Asia it was rice; oats in Scotland; rye and buckwheat in Russia and East Europe; millet and sesame seeds in the Middle East; corn in Mexico and Central America; and wheat in Europe and North America. From there we’ve advanced to milling seeds, grains and nuts on a commercial scale. The positive of using a steel roller is that there’s a greater variety of uses for wheat products, however the negative is that the heat generated by the metal rollers destroys sensitive nutritional elements, and the bread generally no longer contained the whole grain in its perfectly balanced proportions.

The Health Advantages Of Seeds, Grains And Nuts

The nutritional value of grains, nuts and seeds is impressive. They are a gold mine of minerals and contain most of the vitamins we require to function, particularly A, B and E. They are nature’s best source of unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin, plus an excellent source of protein. Whole, fresh and unrefined grains, nuts and seeds contain all these substances, however they’re largely destroyed in processing and refining.

The Nutritional Value Of Wheat

A kernel of wheat consists of three parts - the bran, germ and endosperm.
  • The brand, which is made up of layers rich in many minerals and vitamins as well as high-quality protein
  • The germ or embryo from which springs new life. The wheat germ is one of the richest known sources of B and E vitamins and contains protein, fat and minerals
  • The endosperm where cellulose, starch and gluten are abundant but very little in the way of vitamins or minerals. White flour is made principally from endosperm
The germ and bran contain organic phosphates, which provide food for the brain and nerve system, and calcium for bones and teeth. Consumption of the complete kernel is necessary in order to receive the full value from wheat, especially the trace elements so essential to human nutrition.

Known Minerals And Vitamins In Wheat

  • Iodine              
  • Calcium                    
  • Iron                              
  • Fluorine
  • Phosphorous             
  • Chlorine           
  • Magnesium                
  • Sodium
  • Silicon               
  • Potassium                  
  • Boron                 
  • Manganese
  • Copper                        
  • Barium               
  • Silver                   
  • Sulphur
  • Vitamin A
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin C
  • Pantothenic
  • Thiamine B-1 
  • Riboflavin B-2
  • Inositol
  • Pyridoxine B-6
  • Folic Acid
  • Biotin
  • Choline
  • Vitamin E

Chemical Free Grain And Seed Milling

In the production of commercial flour, chemicals are sprayed:
  • On the ground to prevent weeds from growing
  • On the crops to prevent fungus and insect attacks
  • Into the storage systems to prevent further insect infestations
Preservatives are added to extend shelf life and bleaches are added to make white food writer. The list goes on. You’re unintentionally eating an increasing amount of chemicals during your daily meals. Freshly ground homemade flour that’s been sourced from an organic wheat farm is one of the ways you can get all essential nutrients and vitamins needed to live a healthy and energetic life.


The GrainMaster Whisper Mill

This latest addition to our kitchen is the GrainMaster Whisper Mill, which uses an innovative means of milling the grain into the flour called “Advanced Microburst Technology”. It works by allowing the grains to fall via gravity into the centre of the milling chamber, then as the grains are propelled by centrifugal force to the outside of the chamber, they collide with the surgical quality stainless steel teeth. During this process, the grain bursts into smaller and smaller particles and the result is fine fresh homemade flour. There’s no heating of the grains and there is nothing lost from the whole grain in the process, plus it only takes about 40 seconds to grind 3 cups of flour.

The New Survival Ark Grain Mill

The New Survival Ark has stones and burrs so only one mill is required. By using the New Survival Ark we can stock our pantry with more chemical free and highly nutritious wholefoods. Soybeans have also become an important part of our store of provisions in case of an emergency. By grinding them we can make soymilk and butter. Treats made from freshly ground whole nuts are now also a favourite delicacy for all five of us.

The Wondermill Junior Deluxe Mill

Easy to motorise with brass bearings that prevent excessive wear of the shaft against the mill body, the Wondermill Junior Deluxe is made of die-cast polished aluminium. This bill also contains no cheap plastic parts, loose springs or other attachments that could be lost during use or disassembly. This unit can be easily switched from using stones to stainless steel burrs by removing the front knob and produces 1 to 2 cups of homemade flour per minute with finer flour made during the first run through.

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